The US administration and military commanders aren’t serious about fighting the terrorist groups, specially the ISIL, Top Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said Sunday.

"We haven’t seen any determination and resolve on the side of the Americans and in their coalition in the war on ISIL," Safavi said, addressing IRGC officials and forces in the Central city of Isfahan today.

He underlined that the US is not only ignorant in fighting the ISIL, but also supports the terrorist group.

Safavi referred to the recent West-sponsored proxy wars by terrorists and Saudi Arabia in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and said that Israelis are happy with the security that they have gained through the massacre of the Muslims in Syria, Iraq and Yemen using the Islamic countries' resources and money.

Safavi also said that the war waged by the Saudis against Yemen is also a proxy war fought for the US, the Zionist regime and their European allies.

The US and its western allies, which extended their full support for the ISIL and other Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist in Syria to topple President Bashar al-Assad government, have now formed an international coalition to demolish the same group in Iraq.

Observers believe that the US contradictory policies towards one single issue testify that Washington in not serious about war onterrorism.

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